How to Start a Blog- Ultimate Guide to learn How to Create a Blog

If you are wondering how to start a blog, this is the right place to learn.

Starting a blog or making a website is not difficult. It is as simple as drinking water; it’s the people who make it difficult.

I am going to list here the steps for easy and simple blogging which will lead you to a successful blog without technical experience required.

This is the guide I wish I had when I started blogging 5+ years ago.

How to start a blog

I Googled for hours and hours until I lost my eyeballs, to start my first blog. This guide is not just a set of words but my 5 years of blogging experience.

It is specially made for people like you, who want step by step instruction to make the blogging journey easy and straightforward.

This article on how to blog is not like other articles where they tell you to buy a domain name and hosting and finally leave you to yourself to create the blog successfully.

Using my 5+ years of experience of building a blog from scratch, I will cover everything I have learned till date:

You will learn:

  • How to buy cheapest and fastest hosting for your blog or website
  • How Marketing Pros configure their WordPress Dashboard
  • How to write engaging content that drives Organic Traffic to your blog and is Click Magnet
  • 21 Promotional Strategies which will drive insane traffic to your blog
  • How to Make Money through Blog (Last year I made INR 13,56,278 (approximately $21000) just from advertisements, Clients, Consulting) and increase your revenue 10x

Follow this Ultimate Guide of Step-by-Step Tutorial on how to start a blog, and I guarantee that your life will change completely. Imagine you are earning INR 40,563/month just from your home.

This will be possible once you follow this guide correctly and complete all the steps mentioned below.

Why will you love this Guide on How to Start Blogging?

Complete Video Guide

I have made this Video to cover every step you must follow to set up a successful blog. Each step has been explained in this video to make blogging incredibly simple for you

Simple to Understand

This guide is so simple that even a 5 year child can understand it easily

Save Money

You will not make mistakes as I did. I will share discount codes and tips to save money and make money

Free Support

If you have any doubts or queries, shoot an email at and I will be happy to help you

Things Required to Start a Blog


Internet Connection

Little money only $3.95

INR 254/month (India)

Just 15 minutes of Time

Setting up Blog is that Simple

Why you must Start a Blog?

Blogging is a new way to make money online. You must consider these popular reasons to Start a Blog:

  1. Make Money from Home: I am a full-time blogger, and my primary source of income is Blogging. At present, I have 7 blogs running (I also manage 453+ websites of my clients) and make a good income out of it.

Making money from blogs is not complicated as it seems. Just a little focus and you are ready to go. Moreover, the risk involved with blogging is negligible.

2. Become a Published Author: Publishers prefer to work with writers who have an online The secret behind this is the published author has a good number of loyal audiences, and it’s a lot easy to sell books to the people who already know you. What is better than a Blog to start with?

3. Gain Exposure for your Existing Business: Using the blog, you can quickly reach a large number of people and showcase your products to them. Blogs and websites are beneficial for both individuals and corporations.

4. Showcase your Talent: Blog is an excellent way to show your talent, whether it is of writing, dancing or anything else.

You can share your story, build a community of like-minded people and encourage others. A blog is a perfect place to do this.

Do you fit in any of these reasons mentioned above? Can you imagine how you will benefit from a blog? If your answer is, Yes! Let’s start the journey to make money from a blog.

Creating a Passive Income Source

Many people started blogging for fun and later realized the earning potential in it. Even my gross revenue comes from the various websites I own.

I also make money through Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense, Consulting and much more ways. This has been possible because I started blogging in 2012.

Is it too Late for me to Start a Blog?

I have heard many people saying that starting a blog in 2017 is not a good option. However, I completely disagree with them. Today is the era of Internet. Every single person is using the net to browse and gain information.

Do you still think it is late to start a blog? In fact, this is the perfect time to begin and make money online. Today popular bloggers like Neil Patel and Brain Dean are making real money just by blogging.

6 Easy and Straightforward Steps on How to Start a Blog

Now blogging is simple and fun. All you have to do is follow the steps I recommend. Let’s learn how to make a blog:

Step #1. Decide or Select the Niche you want to Blog About

Step #2. Choose a Blogging Platform (Self Hosting or Going for Free)

Step #3. Find a Reliable Host

Step #4. Select the Domain Name

Step #5. Make your Site secure with HTTPS

Step #6. Designing your WordPress Blog like a Pro

Let’s  have a detailed look on how to start a blog in the most effective manner (Steps illustrated)

Step #1. Decide or Select the Niche you want to Blog About

If you are associated with some company, organization or business, it will be easy for you to decide what you must blog.

Remember, your blog must be directly related to your service or product you provide or the cause you promote.

However, if you are a single person who wants to make money online by blogging, you have the flexibility to choose the niche or topic to work on.

There are numerous topics you can start blogging on to get good traffic and make good money. Some of them are:

  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • Health and Fitness
  • Food
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • News
  • Personality Development

You can start blogging and writing in any of the niches mentioned above to begin your journey of blogging. But some of the main things that you must remember are:

  • Select the Niche you are interested in: Opt for the topic you enjoy. If you are not interested in your own topic, why would readers be interested? Also, writing about it will be drudgery.
  • Blog on a topic which has plenty of room to discuss: A blog should be updated at regular intervals to keep it going and remain compelling. You will be writing a lot on the selected topic so make sure you have plenty to talk about.
  • Decide a niche in which you can become an Authority: Keep in mind; you will not be the only person blogging on a topic you choose. It is almost guaranteed that someone must have written on it earlier.

However, don’t fret about this. Think whether you stand a chance at making your blog better in comparison to all other blogs in your niche.

The ultimate goal of any blog is to be the go-to place for its niche or topic.

Step #2. Choose a Blogging Platform (Self Hosting or Going for Free)

This is another important thing that you must take seriously, when you think about how to create a blog. For your ease, let me first differentiate between the two. Just like you I also like free stuff and recommend the same but sometimes spending few dollars can be beneficial in the long run.

Even though, all the blogging sites like WordPress, Blogger, and Tumbler can guide you on how to start a blog for free. But free is not always best. Here are few disadvantages of going to the free blog:

1.Domain Name is not Personal

With a free blog, you don’t get the personal domain. You will get a domain name which looks ugly, and it sucks. With free blog alternatives, your domain will look something like this:


I know, this looks bad…very very bad!

2. Few Customization Options

With free blogs, you will get very few customization and personalization options.  Limitations that accompany free blog are:

  • No custom Theme: You are not allowed to change the theme on a free blogging platform.
  • Negligible monetization options
  • Google won’t appreciate it: Google is the major traffic source for every website. Therefore, ranking on primary targeted keywords is extremely difficult.
  • Free Platform is Borrowed Property: You are just another member of their world. Imagine your blog gets very popular then you won’t get any benefits from it. All the benefits will go to the free hosting site. Moreover, you cannot say when your blog gets deleted from their world.

Why not build your own world, where everything is personalized, and you get all the benefits from it. You will be able to scale the blog. Furthermore, it is cheap and advantageous, I guarantee. If you are serious about blogging, I would recommend you to never go for a free blogging alternative.

By now you must have decided to go for self-hosting your blog. It is cheap and hassle-free to use. Self-hosting your blog is the best decision you can make in your blogging life.

I wish, I knew about self-hosting during my early days of blogging. I learned this much later during my blogging journey.

If you are still confused and need my assistance, feel free to email me at

Which is the best Blogging Platform?

 Out of numerous blogging platforms, WordPress is the most popular one and the best place to start a blog. The plus point of this platform is that you don’t require coding experience for working on your blog customization. 

I have realized that WordPress is flexible and has functionality. It is not only easy to use but also has a large community that shares various ideas and tools.

Wordpress Platform Usage Money Theorem

Step #3. Find a Reliable Host

Several articles and advertisements guarantee cheap and dependable hosting but don’t fall for those baseless claims. I have worked on 453+ websites and know all the ins and outs of hosting companies.

 The hosting companies that I personally use for my 10+ sites are:

Bluehost and Hostgator

Bluehost is the officially recommended hosting for the WordPress sites. I started using Bluehost in the year 2014 and never been happier. One of my websites saw a 139% boost of traffic just in a couple of days after shifting as Bluehost made my website fast.

You can without a doubt, and hesitation goes for Bluehost. They are the mind blogging company providing premium servers at an affordable price along with FREE domain name.

2nd best Option that I recommend is Hostgator. This company comes to the second position after Bluehost and is best for beginner bloggers. 

Never go for GoDaddy- They are the worst hosting company I have ever seen.  Other web hostings that I recommend A2Hosting and WP-Engine. They are also fast and trustable. But Bluehost is best if you are just a beginner blogger.

Many of my clients personally ask me to host their websites on Hostgator. Therefore, I have many websites on Hostgator too. The performance and support of Hostgator are similar to that of BlueHost.

I recommend BlueHost for the best blogging experience, but if you don’t want to go with BlueHost and HostGator, you can select other Best Hosting company from the list I have created. 

All of them have a single click WordPress installation feature, and you can start working on your website instantly.

Step #4. Select the Domain Name

Ever since people came to know the benefits of blogging and the earning potential through it, they have acquired almost all the best domain names available.

At present, searching for a good domain name for your blog is not an easy task. Even I spent some time in searching an easy and efficient best domain name available.

You can use the domain name availability checker to find the best domain name available for your blog. Below I have arranged a Domain Name Availability checker for you.

Also, you can search the name of your blog using Shopify Business Name Generator.

Once you have finalized the domain name, you can check for the domain name availability and buy it for yourself. Many people make a mistake of first buying a domain name and then hosting.

With my ad hoc arrangement of BlueHost, you don’t have to pay for the domain name. It will be made available for FREE of cost. Look, I just saved you $14. Now bring a smile to your face and start a blog 🙂


Let me help you with step-by-step Image guide to install WordPress and set up a blog:

A host assists you in making your site live on the internet. Let’s choose the best WordPress Hosting (BlueHost). It is inexpensive and fast too. Also, BlueHost is officially recommended Hosting provider for WordPress. Furthermore, it is beginner friendly too.

Click Here to start the self-hosted WordPress blog.

After reaching the page, click on the Green button ‘Get Started Now’ as you can see below.

Choose the Plan that Suits you

Select the plan that you want to select. I generally choose the Plus or Premium plan. But, you can choose the ‘Basic’ plan if you are a newbie and has tight budget. 

Don’t worry! you can upgrade later.

Domain name is the address of your site (mine is

On this screen type the new domain name (left) or enter the existing one (right). 

Enter your Account Info

After you click ‘next‘; on the following page enter the account information. Ensure that the Email address entered is working (you’ll receive all your login credentials on this Email only).

Decide the Account Plan

On proceeding further, you will be asked to select the Account Plan. Choose the package based on the time for which you want a hosting.

I usually skip another add-on that is being offered.

At the bottom, you will see the Total Amount that you need to pay today. You don’t have to pay a single penny again for 12, 24 or 36 months depending on your Account Plan selection.

Pay by Entering Billing Info

Enter your Billing Info and click on I confirm (after you have read the fine print). Finally, click Submit.

Welcome Emails

You will receive several welcome emails. Save all of them. Look for the email that asks for Domain activation. The subject line included in the Domain Activation is ‘WHOIS Verification.’ Open the email and click the button to complete the verification process.

At the end of your purchase, you will be welcomed and asked to enter a Password. Choose a secure password by clicking on ‘Create Your Password.’

Optimizing the WordPress

BlueHost will do half the work for you. Your WordPress will be automatically installed. Click on the ‘Login’ button on the ‘Congratulations’ Tab to start the blog and optimize it.

Skip the options you will get on logging in. Skipping the step of pick free theme should be done, as you get pre-installed theme which is sufficient for now. (You can change the themes later).

Press ‘Skip this step’ and you will see ‘Start Building‘ option.

You will now be introduced to the Dashboard of your WordPress account. It will look like you can see below:

Click on ‘I don’t need help’ below the two blue buttons with the text ‘Business’ and ‘Personal’ to start with the clean slate.

Step #5. Make your Site Secure with HTTPS

I would insist you to take advantage of FREE SSL certificate that is provided by BlueHost. To complete the process of securing your connection is available after 2-24 hours of the domain and hosting purchase.

But as soon as you activate FREE SSL certificate the URL of your site will look something like:

How to Activate SSL certificate on BlueHost?

To activate FREE SSL certificate on BlueHost, login to your BlueHost account. To successfully login to your account, use the login info received via email just after you signup in BlueHost in Step 4 above.

After logging in, click on ‘My Sites.’ Another option of ‘Manage Site’ appears.

On the next screen, you will see a ‘Security’ tab at the top. Just select it and then Turn On the FREE SSL certificate on BlueHost by toggling the switch.

Step #6 Designing your WordPress Blog like a Pro

You are now a proud owner of the self-hosted WordPress site. Now, let’s start working on creating a blog beautifully and make it good looking.

Remember, the design of a blog matters a lot. It decides whether the visitor is going to stay on your blog and browse it or bounce back.

A good design of a blog depicts professionalism and also makes your content and information look genuine.

Now, you must be wondering- How to set up a blog?

Install a theme by going to the WordPress Dashboard –> Appearances –> Themes –> Upload Theme –> Upload –> Activate Theme

There are 2 options to select a theme for your blog:

  1. Free WordPress Themes
  2. Buy Customizable Themes from ThemeForest

The blog design you choose must reflect your personality and also be coherent with the niche of your choice.

Step #7 Learn, Apply and Learn Again (Additional Step)

It takes time to learn everything related to blogging. You must make it your habit to keep learning every day and improve your skills by implementing what you learn. You can only remember things if you practically start making a blog.

 Although, I will be covering everything related to building a blog, promoting a blog, making money from a blog, increasing the follower base and much more but you need to keep learning more.

Analyze your competitors and observe what they are doing to build a blog effectively. Know how they are working and their blogging pros. Replicate the things that work for you well. A Journey to 1 million visitors per month

I will be documenting my complete journey of setting up a blog and getting 1 million visitors per month on by the end of 18th August 2018 (My birthday gift). I will be sharing with you all the tools and tactics used by me to reach the target and make this new website one of the most popular websites.

I hope that my 5+ years of experience help me in achieving this goal alongside delivering the valuable content to my visitors. As my target is 18th August 2018, please bookmark this ultimate guide on how to start a blog as it will keep on updating until 18th August 2018.

You can also subscribe to my newsletter, where you will continuously receive VIP courses, ebooks and other valuable material to increase your customer reach and traffic.

Let’s Start the Journey…

External Assistance I am using:

  1. 3 Paid Interns: I have hired 3 people who have done Digital Marketing course and wanted to make their career in Digital Marketing field. This site will help them learn new things and face challenges as well as benefits me in growing my traffic to 1 million visitors per month.
  2. Freelance Graphic Designer: For developing Blog images, Infographics, and Gifographics
  3. Tools I use: I have prepared a list of best digital marketing tools I will be using for this blog- Blogging Tools

What people have to Say About this Step-by-Step Guide on How to Start a Blog

Thanks to Bhavesh for making the process of how to start a blog simple with this ultimate guide. I am going to start my blogging journey using his assistance. Hope to see more beneficial guides from you. Keep up the good work and ya, keep the articles as descriptive as this one.
John Doe
Your simplified step by step guide on how to start a blog has made it hassle free task for me. Your hosting recommendation has also helped a lot. I have subscribed to your Email list and followed you on social media too. Hope to learn more about blogging.
This article has made it easy to start a blog. His video tutorials and easy to understand laungague along with images are super interesting. Now, I can guess the reason why you have such a huge following.
It took me several hours to create a step-by-step guide on how to start a blog and to make the topic like ‘create a website’ super easy and simple. I hope you liked this guide and found the information useful. If you did, share it with your friends on social media and show some support to Meet you again in another insightful article. Till then, bye bye.. 🙂
Bhavesh Garg Money Theorem
Bhavesh Garg

Written by Bhavesh Garg

Hello all! I am Bhavesh Garg- Writer, Digital Marketer, Blogger, Foodie and Bike Rider. I started my blogging journey in 2012 and has continuously improved with time. I started blogging as a fun activity but soon realized the earning potential. is created to pass on 100% accurate and reliable information to make money online and save money. Here you will come to know several unknown ways to make passive income in the most practical manner. To know more, check my Info Page

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